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About Faheem's Hands of Precision.

Faheem’s Hands of Precision barbershop is designed with the male who appreciates premium quality, time and a flawless look.

Celebrity barber to the stars, educator, and entrepreneur, Faheem’s Hands of Precision is the brainchild of master barber Faheem Alexander.   Whether it’s keeping your favorite celebrity stylish or training the new crop of personal style experts, Faheem’s Hands of Precision stands apart!

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Faheem’s Hands of Precision honors the best traditions of the barbershop. Our team is skilled in all facets of personal male grooming

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I love executing the art of being a professional barber…. you never know who’s watching you! I constantly invest in myself and Faheem’s Hands of Precision by adding appealing content to my Social Media platforms. As I sleep through the night, my website receives views. Current and prospective clients schedule appointments, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to service this amazing brother! Mr.Robert Guthrie flew to Philadelphia from Dallas Texas (2,000 miles) and his first stop was to come and experience a hair cut from me! To say that I was honored would be an understatement! When asked how he heard about me, he responded, “brother you are well talked about in my area…like a Philly Cheesesteak”. I provided Mr. Guthrie with a Precision Hair Cut, and he left me a beautiful tip….”well worth the travel, now off to my job interview”, he exclaimed.. with a huge smile!



Robert Guthrie

Faheem is responsible for my signature look and is a much needed fixture on The Tonight Show

I don’t trust my fro with everyone, but I trust it with Fah!