In order to build a community one must start with the development of a child. Faheem understands that the focus of today’s youth is essential for the world’s progression. Faheem is empowered by the young men that take a seat in his chair as he learns how to stay cool but also provides much wisdom to young men as he barbers.

“I find it empowering when I am able to give young men advice that I believe will allow them to believe in their selves and influence them to follow their dreams. I understand that being a young man living in an urban neighborhood is not always easy, but when you put your mind and talent to what you want from life it makes your outlook of life and your vision more clear. All young men have the opportunity to advance in life they if apply themselves but most importantly gear their focus to positive endeavors.”-Faheem

When asked what’s a piece of pertinent advice to give to young men, Faheem shares that “Prayer is very important, God is real and the opportunity of what you’re looking for starts with practicing your beliefs and staying true to what it is you want to become”.

Faheem and his wife Khadija will soon welcome a new addition to their family, and Faheem wants his soon to be son to know that establishing core family values are important to grow as a great man with much integrity, honor and respect.
Faheem has an amazing vision for youth advocation in the community in which his barbershop is located. Stay tuned for the availing of Thinking Big Foundation!

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