Memories from Louisville Kentucky

It is always a pleasure to travel to different cities to be a part of citywide Barbering Expositions. It is also a huge honor to teach classes about the craftsmanship of barbering. I am truly blessed to be able to share my experience but most importantly my skills. The Barbering industry is very lucrative and can open so many doors for aspiring and veteran barbers. You often create memories with the many faces you come across during your travels to different barbering expos. What made this trip memorable was paying homage to a legend, Muhammad Ali. Take a look at my journey to Louisville, Kentucky.


The Road Less Traveled; Paying Homage to Muhammad Ali 

An honor to be able to visit the greatest of all time, Muhammad Ali. This photo was taken in front of ALi’s birth home.

My inspiration. Muhammad Ali was and will always be a great role model to me. May he rest well.

Midwest Kentucky Super Barber Expo 

Presentation on Grooming a Beard.


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Thinking Big brand product line.

Met a few amazing people during my stay in Louisville, Kentucky. These men understand what it means to groom a beard!

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