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How to Shave Neck Beard and Top 5 Neck Beard Styles

Chin Strap Neck Beard

Men do not have many options for styling. This makes them polarized about the facial hairs, especially the neck-beard. By styling it men can change their appearance by veiling their slim face and delivering a fuller look. Here are some ways on how to shave neck beard for styling.

Trimming the neckline

Choosing the right neckline depends on the shape of your face, the length of your beard, and the style you prefer. In any case, you must define your neckline first and shape it with a broad trimmer. Next, imagine a curved line that extends from the ear to the jawlines and shave with the grains to avoid irritation. Lastly, shave with a sharp razor.

Top 5 Neck Beard Styles

Perfect Neck beard

how to shave neck beard

Keeping your neckline tidy is crucial to pull off the three-day stubble look. But for that, you must know how to shave neck beard matching your style. Start by applying a translucent shave gel on your entire neckline so that you can see what you are doing. Now tilt your head back and measure about one to one and a half-inch above the top of your Adam’s apple. Two fingers will work well as a guide. Mark your reference point.

Then imagine a curved line extending from the back of each ear through this point using short downward shaving strokes. Follow the imaginary line. Go with the grain to avoid irritation. Finally, imagine a vertical straight line extending from the back of each side hair. Where this line intersects with the ear to ear beard line this is where your beard ends.

Once you have cleared away all the neck hairs define your beard line carefully with your razor. If your blade comes with a precision trimmer on the back of it, use that for fine trimming.

Pencil Neck Beard

Pencil Neck Beard

The pencil neck beard goes well with a French Cut mustache. It starts near one ear with a thin beard line and then gets broader on the chin and ends in a thin line near the other ear. In this style, the mustache also takes the shape of a pencil to match with the shape of the beard.

But you must know how to shave neck beard like this. To make it your style you must grow neck beard for a few weeks to have consistent growth. Then crop the beard down to a quarter of an inch.

Now use a trimmer to crave an outline of the shape around the jawbone and on the cheek. Next, define the shape by trimming around the guideline. Check for symmetry between sides. Now use your shaver to give a clean shave to the rest of your face and neck. You will get the desired style.

Chin Strap Neck Beard

Chin Strap Neck Beard

This neck beard line gives very good support to the chin. In this style, there is only a thin line of beard on the chin and the rest of the face stays clean shaved. This is very trendy among youngsters.

This bold beard style needs some serious upkeep. And, one must know how to how to shave neck beard for maintaining this style. To get this one must let the beard grow for 2 to 3 weeks. Give an even trim using a broad trimmer. Now use your precision trimmer to outline the style going from one ear to another along your jawline. Once finished, trim down the hairs on the cheek to get your chin strap neck beard style. Also, check for symmetry and give the rest of the face a clean shave with a rotary shaver for a great finish. This will give you a perfect ultra-modern look.

Patchy Neck Beard

Patchy Neck Beard

While Patchy Neck Beard is a topper among all neck beard trim procedures, not all men can have this. Its specialty lies in having patchy growth with connecting lines that appear to be some hairs affixed to the face. When one is tired of the ways on how to shave neck beard but cannot play the ball, this can help you out.

If you are blessed with a patchy growth of beard then it becomes very easy. Else, you have to create it. The first thing to do is to let it grow for a few weeks. This will give you an idea of the general shape of your beard and you will also know the strong and weak areas.

Now, trim the long bits to match with the shorter ones. This is a bit tricky. But once you are accustomed to it everything becomes easy. Also, clip the hairs on the face to create clipped patches look.

Stylish Neck Beard

Stylish Neck Beard

This is an amazing neck beard shave style with short hairs and makes one look more attractive and fuller. Even if you have certain areas that are lighter, this style can make you look more attractive and sexier. The only thing is that you must know how to shave neck beard.

To start with, you must let the beard grow for a few weeks. Once your beard has fully grown out, grab a trimmer and remove the clip guard to be able to get the closet shape possible.

Now clear the neckline up to the underneath of your jawline. This will give you a chiseled jaw and an athletic face shape. Then remove the flyaway hair on the cheek. Now remove the sideburns and trim the hair very short making it denser on the cheek. Shave off any hairs that stick forward past the lips. Then trim the top of your mustache. This will give you a contemporary look.

Final words

None can say the last word in the world of styling and there is no right or wrong way to trim your neckline. The above gives you some ideas about how to shave neck beard. You have the right to play around with this to make your style statement.