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How to Trim a Beard and Top 5 Beard Styles

How to Trim a Beard and Top 5 Beard Styles

Men have been styling beards for ages. Some ancient societies considered it a symbol of wealth, strength, and status. It is popular even today. What is unique about beard styling is that there is something for everyone. You must only know how to trim a beard to fit your style.

How to trim a beard successfully

No matter what beard style you have, it requires regular maintenance. Trimming also plays a vital role in getting the desired impact and, therefore, can never be neglected. The following steps will entail a good result.

  • When to shave: The best time to trim a beard is after taking a hot shower. Once the facial hairs are dry, it will be hydrated easily and ensure easy trimming. Using a beard shampoo also yields good results.
  • Brush regularly: Never forget to brush your beard. Always brush your beards against the grain. It will help to detangle if any knot is present and allow optimal grooming.
  • Use a styler for trimming: Always trim with a styler. Several all-purpose stylers are available in the market. Get one and select a guide comb for the desired length of the facial hairs. You can go through popular styles for getting inspiration.
  • Trim carefully: Trimming does not have an undo button. Whatever is trimmed cannot be reversed. So, you must trim from longer to shorter length gradually and carefully. For long beards, you can trim it manually first. Trim above your Adam’s apple for a distinct neckline.
  • Trim mustache: Always brush your mustache downwards and trim the hairs that extend over the lip. Also shave the upper part of the mustache, if required. You will look better.
  • Finish with shaving: Several beard styles need a part of the face clean-shaven. Use a trimmer for defining the cheek line and remove whatever is needed.
  • Apply beard oil: Beard oil can keep your beard soft and healthy. It also helps to manage the unruly hairs for maintaining your style.

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Top 5 Beard Styles

Classic Beard

Classic Beard

Classic beard is considered to be a real man style. This style works best for persons who have a dense and consistent growth of facial hair. One must know how to trim a beard not too short to achieve this style.

In this style, the neckline is clean shaved over Adam’s apple. Some prefer to have a bold mustache and some opt for a trimmed one. Defining the cheek line and shaving other parts of the face gives it a distinct look. The facial hairs are also trimmed evenly for a consistent look.

One can have a youthful haircut with this style to look mod. Alternatively, a side-part with a strong pomade can impart a truly vintage look.


Stubble beard

This style works well for guys with baby faces to give a mature look. This is also a great option for those who struggle to grow a full beard due to patchy growth. This is very easy to get and maintain as well if you know how to trim a beard.

To cultivate this, let your beard grow for a few weeks. Now define your neckline under the chin and keep it clean below the line. Now trim your beard evenly all over the face to get the stubble look. Draw an imaginary line from the beginning of your sideburns to the edge of your mustache and check for symmetry. Also, trim your mustache. This will give you a nice hot look.

The Goatee

The Goatee

If you are looking for something big that is short on effort, Goatee is the ideal style for you. This is one of the most popular beard styles to look like a rock star or a rebellious intellectual. In this style, the beard is grown on the chin only and it never extends beyond the corners of the mouth. Other parts of the face are shaved clean.

When added with a mustache it balances out the bad rap. One can also have a matching hairstyle with this for creating an impact. To maintain this style you need frequent grooming. As it helps to add some length to the face, this style is great for people with a round face.

The Short Beard

the short beard

This is a less cumbersome version of the full beard and helps to have a stay-cool look. It fits most face shapes and allows one to impart a rugged and masculine look. One needs to know the basics of how to trim a beard to do this style.

Allow the beard to grow for 2 to 3 weeks. It should be around 2cms long. Now comb it downwards and use a beard trimmer to define neck and cheek lines. Trim your beard evenly to the desired length. Tidy up the mustache and check for symmetry. Lastly, shave your cheeks and neck for a great look.


how to trim a beard

The Balbo style is a modification of the goatee style. Unlike goatee, the facial hairs are extended from the chin to the jawline to resemble the shape of the base of an anchor. This also needs heavy upkeep to maintain. For this reason, one must know how to trim a beard perfectly for adopting this unique style.

The neckline is cleared up to two fingers above Adam’s apple. To get this style, one must even out the length of the facial hairs with a trimmer first. Now, define the shape of your beard and check for symmetry. Also, shape out the mustache and remove the sideburns. Now prepare your face and remove beards from the cheeks using soft gel and razor to get a unique Balbo look.

Wrapping up

Styling your beard can bring in an overall change in your look. But grooming your beard is not easy and for that, you must know how to trim a beard. It looks better when the style complements your face.