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Stand Out From the Crowd with Stunning Beard without a Mustache

Stand Out From the Crowd with Stunning Beard without a Mustache

The glorious beard without a mustache has been in the fashionable style industry for decades through historical changes and gained much popularity. Though men usually prefer to grow mustache along with beard, there are still men who love this look. Only this iconic style is called by the name lion’s mane for those who grow a full beard without any neck hair or mustache. There are many variations that you can make to this type of beard styles. Let us analyze a few.

Top Beard without a Mustache Styles

Soul patch

Soul patch beard

Soul patch is a beard without a mustache style was highly popular amongst the hipster culture, in the 60s style type. This crazy edgy style became famous because of the jazz trumpeter and musician, Dizzy Gillespie.

Maintaining soul patch

  • Soul patch is easy to be cultivated and with optimum patience, you can accomplish an iconic style.
  • During the waiting period, you might be tested in diverse situations of mockery to quit but to reach impressive heights of glory overcome. Ignore the comments made by everyone regarding the new thatch.
  • Shape it by carefully clean shaving the surface surrounding the patch on your chin.
  • While grooming it is very important that you shave with utmost care not to remove a big chunk from the patch, because it might then take time to grow it back into normal size. S
  • Soul patch is the exclusively grown small preferred piece of beard below the lower lip area and just above the area of the chin.

Chin curtain

Chin curtain

Chin curtain is one amazing beard styles that can create a long-lasting style statement. This is grown without a moustache and just beards spreading on its own without any interruption of the mustache. It is easy to grow the chin curtain beard without a mustache. Just make sure that the upper lip part is clean shaved.

Maintaining chin curtain beard

  • Your entire facial hair needs to be clean shaved up to 1/8 inch deep. Therefore you can absolutely concentrate on the curtain beard style.
  • Trim the beard edges using precision type trimmer. Create a well-defined line from the ear midpoint above the lips and in sideburns front part.
  • Shape up your beard using a beard trimmer until a perfectly drawn angular shape is achieved.
  • Remove the mustache hair above the upper lip using a shaver.
  • Maintain the style by constantly shaving the hair grown in the cheeks, above the lips. Apply beard oil and brush it with a soft brush.

Mutton chop beard

Mutton chop beard

Mutton chop is an excellent beard with no mustache style that you can create with sideburns and long bushy hair. Spread it down the cheeks sides towards the face corners. This beard hair will not be having any connection to your mustache or chin.

There is a different type of mutton chop beard styles introduced by innovative designer men, who want to look flawlessly astonishing and manly.

Maintaining mutton chop beard

  • Allow your beard hair to grow without any interruption for a few weeks. Be patient until you accomplish the required growth rate.
  • Shaving should be done with exclusively prepared tools that can carefully remove unwanted hair for the best results.
  • Use a quality shaving cream before using the shaving blade.
  • It is inevitable to keep the beard clean and glossy by combing with a bristled brush.
  • Apply beard oil regularly by massaging the essence deep down the roots to ensure that your facial hair is well nourished.
  • Shave the hairs grown near the chin and upper lips for a clean look.
  • Grow the sideburns fully for a classic cut style.

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Types of Beard to Create a Fashion Statement

The Lincoln beard

The Lincoln beard

The Lincoln beard style is the most historical type of facial hair that was highly appreciated by people for centuries. This beard without a mustache is versatile and you can, therefore, experiment newer variations to presidential style.

Maintaining the Lincoln beard 

  • Allow your beard to grow bushy and full, and be patient to accomplish desired length and thickness.
  • It really needs some efficient work with trimming and shaving. Ensure that you are well equipped with all the tools required
  •  Carefully trim the edges of the boards to the preferred length along the chin area especially.
  • Since the hair growth in the beard grows faster, it is imperative to trim at regular intervals for well maintained the same length president beard.
  • Be careful while shaving the mustache not to remove facial hairs in the chin.
  • Always keep the hair shining by applying beard oil and clean it with proper brushing.

Chin puff beard

Chin puff beard

Are you a fun guy and want to chill with innovative style, then this beard style could be the perfect option for you to look stunning. This could be considered as the best choice for men who are casual and do not commit. It is very simple and easy to maintain the chin puff beard. But still, you will be shaving the mustache and cheek area and the surrounding area for a clean shave look every day.

Maintaining Chin puff

  • Start growing the beard down the chin and let it grow until the required length.
  • The next step should be performed with the utmost care. Clean shave the facial hair surrounding your chin puff beard.
  • Never remove even a few strands of hair from the patch, because then it will take time to grow again to the preferred length and texture.
  • Regularly shave the hair in the lower lip and above the chin.
  • Apply beard oil and brush it to give a glowing texture to your chin puff beard.

Neat chin strap

Beard without a Mustache

Creating a stunning look with a neat chin strap beard is a fabulous design that needs to be treated as an art. This beard without a mustache portrays the extraordinary personality of the man within, because not every person will be able to take care of this beard type.

Maintaining neat chin strap

  • Ensure that your beard grows to the length of at least 2 cm. Check if the beard and your sideburns are consistently connected.
  • Secondly, trim your beard length to the preferred by using a trimmer.
  • Once you have selected the length levels to trim your entire beard to that length evenly.
  •  Clearly shave the facial hairs above and below the chin strap beard symmetrical as you slowly trim the sideburns.
  • Sharpen your look by clean shaving the outer area.
  • Maintain your chin strap beard by moisturizing and brushing and cleaning regularly.

Long goatee beard

Long goatee beard

Long goatee without mustache could be one of the most creative styles that you can accomplish with your beard without a mustache. It is easy to maintain since all you need to do is to clean agave the facial hair surrounding the beard and keep trimming the beard often. There are no limits for your imagination as you can start experimenting with the length of your beard.

Maintaining long goatee beard

  • Grow your beard and facial hair to an optimum length that you desire to grow.
  • Clean shave or trim the hair sprouting in mustache, jawline, and cheeks region respectively.
  • Carefully sculpt the goatee beard starring from the side of the mouth and slow down the chin, according to your preferences.
  • If you grow a long goatee beard then it requires very minimal trimming for making it look straight and even.
  • Moisturizing the beard without a mustache with beard oil can magically provide glossy texture and a well-nourished glow.