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Top 5 Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair

Top 5 Beard Styles for Men with Short Hair

Styling short hair could be daunting especially when you are searching for a perfect beard to pair with. But relax there are many wonderful beard styles for men with short hair. Actually the men fashion industry is enriched with plenty of beard styles that can transform you from average to an extraordinary gentleman.

Few things to consider before styling your beard is to analyze your facial features and shape, because these are basic factors that you need to consider while making a decision. You should also decide whether you want a bushy beard or a more subtle one as the stubble style. We have shortlisted top 5 beard styles for men with short hair.


beard styles for men with short hair

Stubble could be considered as one of the best beard styles that compliments your short hair and easily manageable. This type generates a Gentlemen impression and makes you look excellently groomed.

You can capture the audiences effortlessly with this stunning combination. If you find it difficult to grow a long full beard then stubble is a perfect choice. Women go crazy over this alpha Male version of beard type.

This style is versatile and you can create different iconic versions according to your style preference.  Women are going crazy over this exotic style and it is really easier to accomplish.

Grooming the Stubble beard

  • Allow your facial hair to grow long for one or two weeks then shave it completely. Then grow it once again for the best results.
  • Once the beard has grown to a specific level next time then trim the unwanted facial hair spread over the cheeks and jawline.
  • If you want a beard with no mustache then completely remove the hair above the upper lip.
  • Moisturizing your beard hair with essential oil and regular brushing will stop itching and give a shine.

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A full beard with unkempt hair

A full beard with unkempt hair

Perfect beard styles for men with short hair is man ý grow Bushy luscious full beard. This beard type will portray a wonderful illustration featuring bouncy volume to your short hair. In case the full beard growth goes out of your control and becomes messy, then quickly trim that unwanted hair.

Grooming full beard

  • Eating a well balanced healthy diet plan will reduce the stress of shortening hair and will increase facial growth intensely.
  • Allow the facial hair to grown for a few weeks until it reached the preferred length
  • Now your beard will look bushy and unkempt.
  • With the trimmer start trimming the edges to give a well-defined outline.
  • Shape up a fully grown beard by first trimming the facial hair sprouting near the cheekbones and Neck.
  • Keep it fresh and glossy by applying beard oil and brushing regularly.

Short beard for short hair

Short beard for short hair

A short beard will enhance the charm and masculine look of your face. This is the most preferred beard style for men with short hair. Neat and smart hairstyles can be paired up with the overall sexy attractiveness.

Grooming the short beard 

  • Grow your beard hair to a length of maybe 2 cm and be patient for a few days until it is achieved.
  • Wash well the facial hair and then dry it. Brush the beard downward position using a soft bristle comb
  • Using a trimmer or shaving blade starts trimming the unwanted hair growth near the cheekbones, under the lower lip and neck region.
  • Apply beard oil and moisturize the hair, which will spread essential nutrients to the roots and gives a healthy glow to your beard.

Thick beard

Thick beard for short hair

Flaunt your short hair with a fluffy thick beard. This is one of the most recommended beard styles for men with short hair such as buzz cut etc.

Grow luscious thick beard completely bloom your appearance. Less maintenance and full volume are two incredible benefits that you will enjoy with this style.

It compliments your masculinity with a badass smile. You will have to go through many beard phases before attaining the thick hair stage. Be patient and look smart and stunning.

Grooming the thick beard

  • Grow your beard thick and maintain its texture by regularly washing the facial hair.
  • Be patient for four weeks until your beard has fully grown thick and bushy.
  • Now you can shape up your beard to preferred size and shave the unwanted hair growth near the cheeks and neck for a well-defined curve.
  • Never trim your beard too early.
  • Apply beard oil and keep it well-nourished and moisturized, which will prevent itchiness and breakage of facial hair.


Goatee for short hair

Goatee beard is always in fashion as it is one of the most desirable trends. This beard type will instantly generate more suaveness and charm to the short hair.

The combination of short hair with goatee beard is exciting and masculine than the other usual styles. Make sure you maintain the beard growth by regularly trimming, washing, and moisturizing the facial hair.

Goatee beard works wonderfully with diverse styles of short hair, such as side parting, fade hairstyle, and crew cuts pairs fantastic.

You can also opt for an extended version of goatee blended with a mustache and without sideburns.

This beard styles for men with short hair is highly popular amongst sports personalities and celebrities.

Grooming the goatee beard

  • Grow your beard thick up to 10 mm long.
  • Trim your facial hair on the cheekbones, neck, and upper lip. Trim the mustache hair up to 0.5 mm at the perfect length.
  • Shape well defined facial hair on the upper lip and cheekbones area according to your preferred artistic style.
  • Take care to trim either side of the goatee beard that connects to the facial hair on a moustache or upper and lower lips.
  • Clean shave the jawline, cheeks and neck area for a hassle-free smooth masculine finish.
  • Wash and condition your beard styles for men with short hair for preventing itchiness and dull look. Moisturize with beard oil for optimum nourishment and glorious shine.